Al-Lateef – One of the Beautiful Names of God

Subtle | Extremely Kind | Gracious


Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem, salaam alaykum dear readers,

One of the beautiful names of God (swt) is Al-Lateef. The One who provides for you out of His compassion and kindness in the most subtle of ways.

Allah (swt) is the Know-er of all affairs and all that is hidden.

The One who bestows goodness to His creation. Think of all the kindness your Lord has sent to you and then imagine all that has been sent in such subtlety that you are not even aware. We cannot begin to comprehend this extreme gentleness, care and guidance that has saved us from calamities and difficulties.

Not only do we obtain the benefits of Al-Lateef on an individual level, but it should also inspire us to be a source of gentleness & kindness to others.

“Through gentleness, the souls feel at ease.”

[From the book: Exalted Aphorisms and Pearls of Speech]

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (as) was asked: “What is the definition of good manners?” The Imam said: “Keeping your wings soft, (i.e., behaving benevolently and courteously), talking sweetly and virtuously and meeting your fellow brethren with a happy and smiling face. [Biharu ‘l-Anwar, vol.74.]

Reflect and consider ways you can manifest Allah’s (swt) attributes of Al-Lateef in your daily life.

  • Show graciousness and understanding
  • Say a kind word to someone in need
  • Be gentle with others and subtle in your dealing with them
  • Be a source of comfort

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