Iran: Revolution in Perpetuity

Salaam alaykum dear readers,

For those who are overwhelmed by current world events and seek minimal understanding of those events, it is imperative to have a basic understanding of Iran, its cultural and sociopolitical standing.

Why Iran? Iran unlike any other state / society before it, stands to transform the world. For some it is viewed as maligned. For others it is a universal hope for the fight against oppression for all people.

To that, Mr. Ramin Mazaheri, has written a lucid article titled: The WSWS, Iran’s economy, the Basij & Revolutionary Shi’ism: an 11-part series.

Part 1: The WSWS, Iran’s economy, the Basij & Revolutionary Shi’ism: an 11-part series

Part 2: How Iran got economically socialist, and then Islamic socialist

Part 3: What privatization in Iran? or Definitely no THAT privatization

Part 4: Parallels between Iran’s Basij and the Chinese Communist Party

Part 5: Iran’s Basij: The reason why land or civil war inside Iran is impossible

Part 6: A leftist analysis of Iran’s Basij…likely the first in the West

Part 7: Iran’s Basij: Reconstructing society via class warfare

Part 8: ‘Cultural’ & ‘Permanent Revolution’ in Iranian Revolutionary Shi’ism

Part 9: ‘Martyrdom and Martyrdom’ & martyrdom: understanding Iran

Part 10: ‘The Death of Yazdgerd’: The greatest political movie ever explains Iran’s revolution

Part 11: Iran detente after Trump’s JCPOA pull out? We can wait 2 more years, or 6, or…

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