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“This was my first time attempting to study Arabic and I have really enjoyed Quest 1. Each lesson is so well thought out and Nazmina makes sure to present in a relatable and easy to digest manner. The exercises and tests really help to consolidate each lesson. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn Quranic Arabic.”

-Sakeena Muraj

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem, salaam alaykum dear readers,

Have you ever wondered why Allah chose the Arabic language to reveal his message?

With Arabiq Online’s Quest 1 course, you will discover the sweetness of the Arabic language, as well as gain the ability to understand the Qur’an directly. Quest 1 of Arabiq Online for Busy Women teaches you Qur’anic Arabic step by step, through its high-quality video lessons taught and fully-supported by an experienced teacher. Fall in love with the Qur’an in all its glory!

A little of my Story

I’ve had the desire for the last 10+ years to read Arabic, but could never quite finish learning the alphabet and diacritics.

Alhamdullilah, I came across Nazmina’s course. This was the push I needed to finish learning the Arabic alphabet, as you will need to be able to read the Arabic Script before joining. I knew without a doubt, that I wanted to join this course, so I made learning the Arabic alphabet and diacritics my priority. What I was not able to learn for over 10 years, alhamdullilah I learned in about 2 weeks. I truly believe that if your intention is in the right place and is sincere, anything is possible.

I have just finished Quest 1, which is a part of the flagship Arabic Online for Busy Women course. I have to say, this course is designed very well for an online learning experience. For each lesson there is:

  • A video, where Nazmina explains the lesson in depth, walks you through the exercises / answers and shares a Quranic Gem, these Gems are not to be missed! Highly recommend the separate Gems course, SubhanAllah the beauty of the linguistics of the Quran.
  • Downloadable material including the lesson recap and vocabulary (so helpful to be able to download all the material)
  • At the end of each lesson, there is a quiz which you can retake as many times as needed
  • Lots of games and flashcards to study and reinforce the learning
  • Plus the course includes a monthly live zoom meeting you can join to meet other students and ask Nazmina questions!

For each Quest, you have a year to finish. If you are an Arabic speaker and or already know how to read Arabic, you can probably finish each Quest in about three months if you studied one lesson a week. Myself not speaking Arabic and just learning the alphabet, it took me the full year to take the course as I’m also having to learn a lot of new Arabic vocabulary and general grammar. If you find yourself in the same situation as I am (non-Arabic speaker, new to reading) please do not let that dissuade you from taking this course. Will you have to study harder than others, yes but I cannot emphasis enough what you will get back in return: building a relationship with Allah (swt) through his book. Looking forward to starting the remaining Quest 2 – 4 courses, InshaAllah. Check out all available courses here.

And the Messenger has said, “O my Lord, indeed my people have taken this Qur’an as [a thing] abandoned.”

Quran 25:30

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