Sites to nurture your children’s Islamic identity.

Buzz Ideazz
Products to help children learn and love their faith from a young age. They also have an extensive blog full of ideas to help parents do this on a wide range of topics such as salaah and buloogh.

Anwar Taj Creations
Reaching Imam Mahdi – Educational Creations For Children.

The Muslim Child
A platform to inspire the Muslim child. Muslim books and resources recommendations (not selling), especially for children.

Shia Books for Children
Our aim is to promote the teachings of the holy Ahlul Bayt in an accessible medium. Our books highlight the teachings of the Prophet (SAW)  and the twelve Imams(AS). They have a series of books for preschool through elementary and a series geared towards slightly older readership. The site also had Duas.

Kisa Kids
Aims to assist parents and educators in shaping and nurturing the minds and souls of the future generation. Through the distribution of Islamic Studies curriculum, children’s Islamic literature, Islamic project resources, and more, we strive to support caregivers and equip them with some of the tools needed to educate and nurture our children.

Um Aimen Books
Launched in 2018 with the aim of instilling the love and teachings of the Ahlulbayt (as). It was launched after many years of experience working with children and families across many countries in two languages. 

Manifest Design Inc.
Help us create a strong bond between children and Imam Al-Hussain (pbuh), the same way they look at superheroes as inspirations for them.

W3D Team
Educational channel for children. Here we learn our beliefs, morals and jurisprudence…

Quran with Elias
This channel is focused on teaching the Quran, your children will enjoy learning and memorizing the Quran with Elias.

Islam From the Start
Creative ideas to help little ones learn, love and live the teachings of Islam.

Shia Kids TV
We aim to produce Audio/Visual content which can guide Muslim Kids to live a spiritual and successful life.

CABTV is a fun place for learning for all kids. You can ensure your child will access useful information with safe content by tuning into our channel.

KAZ School
KAZschool aims to assist parents and educators in shaping and nurturing the minds and souls of the future generation. There has always been felt a great need & demand for authentic Islamic media , that can provide Islamic learning in a fun & intuitive way.

Islamic Lessons Made Easy
Islamic lessons made easy offers religious guidelines and historical facts presented in a simplified and creative manner in a form that is beneficial for everybody. Focusing on key religious topics and misconceptions delivering a clear understanding from the teachings of Ahlul Bayt (as).

Rayhana Kids TV
A channel interested in strengthening children’s connection to the Holy Qur’an through Islamic chants.

Tanveer Shares
Sharing my experiences, activity ideas and whatever I have learned and been inspired by. Hoping others may join me in my journey so that together, we can create a world that shares.

Taha Kids TV
Taha Children’s Channel is an Islamic, educational and artistic channel directed to children. It is concerned with spreading educational, Islamic and scientific concepts in an attractive singing style, and sheds light on some religious and worship concepts in an entertaining way.

Sabeel Toons
Sabeel Toons is an Indian not-for-profit Islamic Media Institution based in the holy city of Qom. We aim to produce Audio/Visual content which can guide Muslim Kids to live a spiritual and successful life.

Kurkum & Simsum
Kurkum & Simsum guides your children through the teachings of Islam!

Muslim Family Hub
Our aim is to empower Muslim parents with the tools they need to foster a God-centric family, nurturing children who excel in life and confidently embrace their faith.

Shield Families
Inspired by the verse of the Noble Quran, “O you who believe! Shield yourselves and your families…”, SHIELD Families aims to assist Muslims in properly starting, raising, and sustaining devout families dedicated to the service of God through programs catering to the different stages of family development.

Kisa Family
The archetype of the perfect family is embodied by the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a), who have provided timeless foundational tools on how to maintain a strong and healthy family structure. Al-Kisa Foundation aspires to teach and help implement these fundamental principles, thereby strengthening the family unit.

The Muslim Parent Club
A global Islamic support group: motherhood, parenthood, lifestyle, wellness. “It takes a community to raise a child”.

Motherly Muslim
Good teachings alone are not enough; if children are anchored in God, they can never float away.

Realm of Guidance
Making learning Islam fun.