Courses, Lessons, Degrees

Single courses, Diploma in Islamic Theology, B.A. in Islamic Studies.
Tasneem Institute
Hadith weekly, Quran weekly, Courses.
John the Martyr Academy
An online not-for-profit educational institute designed to offer courses in Islamic theology using a robust, modern, approach, using the latest and most advanced learning tools and techniques.
Madrasah Centre of Excellence
Enabling a learning environment that instills the values of Qur’an and the Ahlul Bayt a.s.
Mizan Institute
Mizãn is founded on the principle of increasing the accessibility of rich Islamic educational content through a simple, yet extensive platform, for those Muslims in the West who wish to take their knowledge and understanding of Islam to a higher level.
Islamic Text Institute
We are a non-profit research institute that makes Islamic primary sources available to non-specialist readers through outstanding translation and original commentary.
Centre for Shia and Cultural Studies
The Centre for Shia and Cultural Studies offers short courses for busy people who want to know more about Shīʿī Islam (tashayyu’).
Hadi Institute
Hadi Institute’s focus is youth education and the raising of productive, positive, and proud Muslims. 
Arabiq Online
Arabiq Online specializes in delivering high-quality, self-paced Qur’anic Arabic courses online for busy women.

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