A compilation of Shia Websites mainly focusing on lectures, documentaries and hadith.

Ahlulbayt TV
Enlightening website featuring documentaries, revert stories, lectures and so much more!
Pen Infomedia
Documentaries, historic feature films and real-life stories.
Serving Quran & Ahlulbayt.
Lectures and publications by Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali.
Hadith Database Project
A wide range of Sayings and Narrations in an easily searchable format.
Alireza Panahian
Lectures and publications by Alireza Panahian.
Safeer TV
Celebrating the diversity, vibrancy and richness of Islamic heritage and in today’s community, Safeer TV aims to become a platform of collective servitude encouraging the viewers to join as ‘Together We Serve’.
Thaqlain Islamic Media is providing short to the point Videos to promote Islamic Values within society.